Start Potty Training Review For Your Convenience



Potty training is a process, which both parents and child have to go hand in hand. Both of them have to share their time and should be patient; during this training period. Here is a start potty training review.

Potty training mainly depends on a child’s mental and physical readiness; rather than any age. If your child is ready and smart at younger age then you can always teach them at younger age itself. For example, some children might show interest by the age of 2, but some won’t even show interest even when they have attained an age of 3 and half or even four. If your child is not showing interest, then don’t worry, but be patient. Some children do take time for learning. So to determine whether your child is ready for training or not, you can always ask yourself these questions.

Whether your child is interested in going alone or wearing underwear alone?

Does my child can follow instructions?

Whether he or she can say by facial expression that they want to go to toilet?

Does your child stay dry for 2 -3 hours?

Does your child often complain about wet diapers?

Is your child ready to sit on potty seat?

If you have given answers to all your questions as yes, then don’t worry, your child is ready for proper potty training. If your answer is no, most of the time, then never rush to train your child. It sure is a time consuming process.

Potty chair

You can use a potty chair for starters, potty chairs are small portable chair where you child can easily sit on it. But do make sure that your child’s feet lie flat on the floor. You must first make aware the use of potty chair by showing how the waste on diapers is being thrown in to the chair. You can also make you child see how remaining family members use toilet.

Teach them basic toilet terms so that they can communicate with you properly than any sounds or gestures.

Potty steps


  • Make them sit on potty chair, without diapers on them.
  • Make a schedule for potting.
  • Stay with your lad when they potty so that they wouldn’t feel any discomfort.
  • Give them toys so that they can play during potting otherwise they might get bored.
  • As a part of potty training you must first ditch the use of diapers. Make them use toilets.
  • Controlling urinating during day time will be the first task, which kids learn first. But night urinating and bladder control would take months.

So the above mentioned are the few steps of home potty training, which will aid in getting the child ready for an important hygienic practice.


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